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  • PolyMAT supporting LGBT+ History Month 2024

    Published 19/02/24

    LGBT+ History Month

    Claiming our past – Celebrating our present – Creating our future

    LGBT+ History Month is for everyone; whether you work in education, a museum, a library or an art gallery, a business, a service, or are a member of a network/social group or an individual.

    It is celebrated every February across the UK and was founded in 2004 by Schools OUT UK  co-chairs, Paul Patrick & Professor Emeritus Sue  Sanders. It was first celebrated in February 2005.

    For so long LGBT+ people’s history was hidden, following the repeal of Section 28, UK LGBT+ History Month was created to:

    • claim our past
    • celebrate our present
    • create our future

    We are delighted to announce that the UK 2024 LGBT+ History Month theme is:

    Medicine – #UnderTheScope

    The 2024 theme celebrates LGBT+ peoples’ contribution to the field of Medicine and Healthcare both historically and today.

    We want to showcase the amazing work of LGBT+ staff across the NHS and in other healthcare settings, in providing healthcare, especially during the pandemic. Whilst still shining a light on the history of the LGBT+ community’s experience of receiving healthcare which has been extremely complicated leaving LGBT+ people still facing health inequalities even today.

    Click to view the LGBT+ History Month 2024 Website

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  • PolyMAT at BETT 2024

    Published 05/02/24

    BETT, the world's largest education technology exhibition, is an annual event that brings together educators and over 600 innovative EdTech and resource solution providers from around the world. Attending BETT 2024, you have access to the latest in EdTech, industry leaders, live demonstrations, and unparalleled collaboration opportunities.

    Staff from PolyMAT attended the three day event on Friday 26th January 2024. Highlights from the event were the AI demo’s at the Bromcom stand, tips and tricks from Canva, and the latest Microsoft programmes including MS Reflect - an app designed to create check-in’s into your students well-being.

    Tim Plumb, CEO of PolyMAT states, "It was great to be back at BETT for another year and see the huge range of innovations that could bring exciting opportunities to our students in the coming year!"

    Mark Guest, Director of Innovations & Systems at Polymat comments, “We had a fantastic day exploring the various innovations in EdTech and beyond, and each school came back with a number of ideas to share with others in their schools. We also got to learn more about the rapid growth in eSports for education, AI and STEM, and left the exhibition buzzing with excitement for the possibilities of technology in education”

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  • Meet Ms Kalicharan - Assistant Head Teacher at WPSfB & Raising Standards Lead at Sixth Form

    Published 05/02/24

    Meet Ms Kalicharan - Assistant Head Teacher at Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys and Raising Standards Lead at Sixth Form.

    Find out more about Ms Kalicharan’s role at the School, the importance of a good clear routine, how students are able to get the best possible experience here and how to motivate students.

    ‘The teaching staff here are approachable, they enjoy what they do they are passionate and love their subject areas which is such a great reason for students to come to our Sixth Form’ - Ms Kalicharan.

    Watch now!


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  • Meet Prapti - Head Girl 2022-2023

    Published 25/01/24

    Meet Prapti!

    Head Girl 2022 - 2023.

    Learn about Prapti’s background, her interests, how she represented the School as one of the Head Girl’s, how helpful the teachers are at Sixth Form and her plans for the future. Prapti is studying at the University of Warwick.

    ‘My favourite thing about the Sixth Form is the family style environment, it is very welcoming and you will feel at home here’ - Prapti

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  • Meet Isimeme - A student from the Class of 2023 at Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form

    Published 24/01/24

    Meet Isimeme!

    A student from the Class of 2023 at Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form.

    Find out all about Isimeme’s creative journey and the skills she has learned, how positive she felt coming to school each day and the trust she built with her teachers as well as her life goals.

    ‘The teachers here are very good role models. There is a great sense of community here at Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form, everyone is so friendly, I would advise you to come to this school’ - Isimeme

    Watch now!

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  • Meet Callum - A student who has been at WPSfB from Year 7 - 13

    Published 24/01/24

    Meet Callum!

    A student who has been at Woolwich Polytechnic from Year 7 to Year 13.

    Hear all about who inspires Callum, his ambitions in life, tips on what to expect if you join our sixth form and how the workload is tough but everything is worth it when you achieve great results. Callum is studying English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

    ‘When you get to Sixth Form there is everything here from various sports clubs , board game clubs, reading and debate clubs. If there is a club that you want to run, speak to your teachers as this is what I did on two occasions’ - Callum

    Watch now!

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  • Meet Camille - Head Girl 2022-2023

    Published 24/01/24

    Meet Camille!

    Head Girl 2022 - 2023

    Hear all about Camille’s upbringing and interest in drama, how she has grown in confidence, her experience being a student at Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form and how excited she is for the future studying drama at the University of Manchester.

    ‘The staff and pastoral team at Woolwich Polytechnic genuinely care for you as a person here, you aren’t just another student or statistic, which is something that you do not get at every school’ - Camille

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  • Exciting new videos on our YouTube channel - Check out @polymatschools and watch now!

    Published 24/01/24

    Exciting new videos on our YouTube channel - Check out @polymatschools and watch now!

    Meet the Class of 2023 at Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form

    At Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form, we take great pride in our students' growth, achievements and success stories. Take a moment to hear from some of our former Year 13 students and learn about their unique journeys and life experiences at our School.

    These five videos explore a variety of topics, where students speak openly and honestly about the challenges of Sixth Form, discovering a new career path option, the impact of inspiring teachers, and the personal growth experienced through extracurricular activities as well as so much more. These videos offer just a glimpse of the incredible stories and accomplishments of this amazing group of students.

    If you are in search of a welcoming, inspiring, inclusive, and supportive Sixth Form full of new and exciting opportunities with a family feel, look no further than Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form.

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  • Veganuary 2024 - Delicious recipes to try!

    Published 08/01/24

    Try Vegan this January!

    Did you know that for the 2023 Veganuary campaign more than 700,000 people worldwide officially signed up on

    Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have signed up to the one-month vegan pledge since 2014, and in 2023 alone more than 1,610 new vegan products and menu options were launched.

    Take a look at some of the recipes we have pulled from the Veganuary website below.

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  • Bannockburn Primary School joins PolyMAT - 1st November 2023

    Published 01/11/23

    Bannockburn Primary School joins PolyMAT

    We are very excited to announce that Bannockburn Primary School officially joins PolyMAT today, November 1st 2023. Bannockburn is a large and very successful feeder primary school to our existing two secondary schools and will be a key driver of our ambitions to develop our primary offer to other schools.

    Bannockburn Primary School prides itself on fostering a unique and diverse learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential. The school spans two sites, both located within the Plumstead area, offering a purpose-built nursery unit at the Manor Way site. Bannockburn is a school with high aspirations for pupils, their families and the community of Plumstead.

    The arrival of Bannockburn means that we now provide education to over 3600 young people in the Thamesmead and Plumstead locality and can extend our work to achieve our vision of Success for Everyone through a cross-phase approach to the education journey.

    Bannockburn’s longstanding success and popularity are driven by their caring culture which always puts children first. This was evident from our first discussions and it was clear that PolyMAT’s values of Care and Unity are already reflected in how Bannockburn look after their children and their community.

    Our expanded partnership now offers the chance to design the learning journey “through the eyes of the child” and minimise disruption caused by the transition from primary to secondary. The benefits of staff collaborating between phases are considerable and we are all excited about the opportunities of working with our expanded “family”.

    Rachel Ford, Headteacher of Bannockburn Primary School, said: “We are all excited to build on our partnership with PolyMAT; sharing an aligned vision to provide our school communities with new opportunities and quality experiences".

    Tim Plumb, CEO of PolyMAT, said: “Bannockburn is the perfect school to be the first part of our primary offer, and we warmly welcome their staff, children and community into our partnership – this is a special day for our schools and our Trust”.

    PolyMAT Welcomes Bannockburn to the Trust with a Sweet Surprise

    This morning, our CEO Tim Plumb and COO Alexa Rendell visited Bannockburn's High Street and Manor Way sites to extend a warm welcome and to deliver some delicious chocolates. This visit commemorates Bannockburn joining our trust, and we couldn't be more thrilled about this partnership and what the future holds for PolyMAT.

    #Bannockburnprimaryschool #polymat #woolwichpoly #woolwichpolytechnic #thamesmead #greenwich

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  • PolyMAT's First Governance Open Morning a Success!

    Published 13/10/23

    We were delighted to welcome a number of prospective parent and community “governors” to our first ever Governance Open Morning on Thursday 12th October.

    The candidates learnt more about how governance works at PolyMAT, how they could apply, and had the opportunity to ask questions. They also had the opportunity to have a tour of one of our schools.

    Join us for the next Governance Open Morning on January 25th, 2024 by registering on our website here.

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  • Are you interested in becoming a governor?

    Published 06/10/23

    Are you interested in becoming a governor?

    We are looking forward to hosting our Governance Open Morning on Thursday 12th October 2023 for prospective Trustees and ACMs (local governors). For more information about the event and to register click the link below:

    Online Registration Form - Governance Open Mornings


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