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Harmonisation within PolyMAT

Harmonisation helps us manifest our values of Care and Unity.  We harmonise our practice where possible so that our students receive a consistent quality of education (Care) in a way which helps us support each other and share workload (Unity).  We do not expect all our schools to be the same but we expect to harmonise the following areas where possible:

  • Pedagogy
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum Provision
  • HR provision
  • Financial Management
  • CPD and Performance Management
  • Expected Staff and Student Behaviours

Some of our schools will be more harmonised than others, for example WPSfB and WPSfG are extremely similar in intake, structure and phases.  Other schools who seek to join us may harmonise where it is beneficial, but we will still expect the same standards of education and care where harmonisation is not possible. By seeking to harmonise, we help shape our identity as well as ensuring quality of provision.

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