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PolyMAT Presents - Free CPD Opportunities

What is PolyMAT Presents?

PolyMAT Presents is a free CPD opportunity for educators of any age/ phase from South East London and beyond. The events take place virtually through Microsoft Teams, and anyone can sign up to join the event. Each 10-20 minute presentation is also then made available for anyone to view on PolyMAT’s YouTube channel.

How did PolyMAT Presents start?

PolyMAT Presents began in 2020, initially as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to meet two specific aims:

  1. To enable PolyMAT staff to gather and learn together, despite the challenges of working remotely
  2. To enable PolyMAT to give back to the local and wider education community through the sharing of expertise and ideas

With the days of home learning and remote working mostly behind us, our focus is no longer on overcoming the challenges of remote working, but on enabling valuable CPD to take place remotely to complement our programme of in-person CPD, to enable staff from across the Trust to gather together efficiently, and continuing to ‘give back’ to our community.

Our Speakers

We have been supported by a wide range of external speakers over the last few years, who have given their time freely so that they too can ‘give back’ to the education community. This has included a number of personalities that are well-known in education, such as Ross Morrison-McGill (@teachertoolkit), Mark Sparvell (Global Director of Education, Microsoft), Rachel Johnson (CEO of PiXL), Amy-May Forrester (Author of “The Complete Guide to Pastoral Leadership”), Sufian Sadiq (Director of Teaching School at Chiltern Learning Trust), Hannah Jepson (Director of LGBTEd), Dr. Liz England (Clinical Director at Mindsafe) and Dr. Craig Blewett (Author of Activated Classroom Teaching), amongst many others. These external speakers provide valuable insight for PolyMAT staff and the wider education community, and complement the presentations provided by members of PolyMAT staff.














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